What are the uses of cable branch boxes



Cable branch box is a kind of equipment used for cable branching and connection in the power system. It is mainly used to lead the power cable from the trunk line, branch to each user or equipment, to realize the distribution of power supply and access.

The main uses of cable branch box are as follows:

1. power distribution: cable branch box can branch the power from the main line to each user or equipment, according to the need to distribute different voltage and current power supply, to meet the different equipment or users of power needs.

2. cable connection: cable branch box can also be used for cable connection, will come from different directions of the cable connected together, to realize the transmission and distribution of power.

3. power protection: cable branch box is usually equipped with various protection devices, such as circuit breakers, fuses, etc., used to protect the power, such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc., to ensure the operation of the power system.

4. Monitoring and control: cable branch box can also be integrated with monitoring and control system, for real-time monitoring of the operating status of power, such as current, voltage and other parameters, and control of power, such as remote power off, group switching, etc., to improve the reliability and flexibility of the system.

In short, cable branch box as an important part of the power system, mainly used for power distribution, connection, protection, and monitoring and control, to provide convenient access to power supply.


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