System  Qualification

Quality Management System
Environmental Management System
Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Patent  Certificate

Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate 2
Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate
Utility model patent
Utility Model Patent-9
Utility Model Patent-8
Utility Model Patent-7
Utility Model Patent-6
Utility Model Patent-5
Utility Model Patent-4
Utility Model Patent-3
Utility Model Patent-2
Utility Model Patent-16
Utility Model Patent-15
Utility Model Patent-14
Utility Model Patent-13
Utility Model Patent-12
Utility Model Patent-11
Utility Model Patent-10
Design Patent 5
Design Patent 4
Design Patent 3
Design Patent 2
Design Patent
International Patent: U.S.A.
Invention Patent
Invention Patent-5

Certification certificate

Energy-saving product certification
Energy-saving product certification certificate-3
Energy-saving product certification-2
Product certification certificate
Product Certification-3
Product Certification-2
Type Test Report
Type Test Report-7
Type Test Report-6
Type Test Report-5
Type Test Report-4
Type Test Report-3
Type Test Report-2

Corporate Honor

High-tech enterprises
Huangyan District Top 100 Enterprises
Famous Trademark
Quality Trustworthy Award
Zhejiang Province science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises
Zhejiang Province Specialized, Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise
Zhejiang Famous Brand Product
Charity title fund of 10 million yuan
Taizhou Independent Innovation (Project) Pilot Enterprise
Taizhou Green Enterprise
Vice President Unit
Outstanding Overseas Chinese Enterprises in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Advanced Enterprise
Annual enterprise credit rating AAA in 2022
China electrical appliances (transformer) industry top ten famous brands
China's top ten brands of transformers
Credit rating AAA in 2020


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