After-Sales Service

Our company is responsible for product packaging, addressing various transportation issues, handling product insurance, and transportation. We also provide specialists for joint acceptance at the client's project site.

We strictly adhere to the principles of "24-hour service, proactive service, and lifelong service." Should there be any missing or incorrect parts, we will promptly resend and address these issues as per the client's requirements.

We will deploy responsible and dedicated on-site service personnel for guidance and installation, ensuring that the supplied equipment can be safely and properly put into operation.

During the testing phase following the installation of transformers, our on-site technical service personnel will assist the client's staff in conducting various handover tests.

Our staff will respond within two hours of notification from the client and will arrive at the project site within 12-24 hours to provide technical support and related equipment, ensuring timely and accurate service.

We will be responsible for lifelong maintenance of the supplied products. After the warranty period, if it is necessary to replace parts or accessories, the price shall be calculated based on the cost price.


After sales service commitment

Warranty Period: The warranty period of 24 months begins once the product is delivered to the site and passes the handover tests and acceptance checks. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for installation and provide technical support and guidance for debugging to ensure that all equipment functions meet design requirements and operate normally.

Post-Warranty: After the warranty period expires, we will meet the demand for spare parts at cost, excluding the fees for maintenance personnel and transportation costs.


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