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Zhejiang Guangtian Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (Guangtian for short, Stock code: 871093) was founded in 1985. It is a leading domestic power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturer with nearly 40 years of history in producing transformers up to 35kV. Located along the beautiful Yongning River in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, the company boasts a 33,000m2 modern standard factory. It has the capability to produce a full range of products including 35kV integrated box-type substations, 35kV power dry-type distribution transformers, dry-type reactors, and magnetically controlled reactors, positioning itself as an industry-leading provider and integrator of power transmission equipment and energy efficiency solutions.


The company's flagship products High-voltage/low-voltage prefabricated substation (integrated transformers), SCB series resin-insulated dry-type power transformers, dry-type iron core series and parallel reactors, MCR-type SVC magnetically controlled reactor high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation devices, grounding arc suppression complete sets, and power filtering complete devices. The power transformers manufactured by the company provide support for the construction of the State Grid and Southern Grid distribution networks with stable quality and reliable performance. The company's substation and railway transformers occupy an extremely high market share and are designated as preferred products by users in railway industry. The company's new energy box-type substations and integrated transformers also have received widespread acclaim from key clients in domestic industries. 


With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, Guangtian Stock is dedicated to the establishment and growth of technology-leading enterprises, firmly upholding the concept that 'Excellence in manufacturing is our inherent duty.' The company deeply embodies the philosophy of 'Little Craftsman of Great Powers' in manufacturing and production, continuously delving into foundational product research. It places 'Specialization, Refinement, Uniqueness, and Innovation' at the heart of its work philosophy and direction, while offering unwavering support for the power industry's development through high-quality product standards and ongoing enhancement of assurance capabilities."


Development History


Focused on national "Dual Carbon" strategy, energy revolution, and new energy development, the company has been pioneering innovations and developing new products like new energy box-type substations, and providing precise solutions for customers.


The company was renamed to Zhejiang Guangtian Power Equipment Co., Ltd.; Its reliable product quality and timely and thorough service have been widely recognized in the market.


The specialized transformers, reactors, and power compensation equipment for electric railways developed by the company were favored for their industry-leading level. Its products hold about 70% share of China electric railway market.


It was restructured into a limited liability company, named Taizhou Huangyan Guangtian Transformer Co., Ltd., with the registered capital increased to RMB 5 million.


It was restructured into a shareholding cooperative system, named Taizhou Huangyan Zhengyi Transformer Manufacturing Factory, with a registered capital of RMB 1 million.


It was renamed to Zhejiang Huangyan Electric Equipment Factory. Its dry-type transformers consistently achieved excellent results in national random inspections.


Huangyan County Plastic Electrical Appliance Factory was founded for manufacturing of plastic electrical appliances and accessories.

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Production  Equipment

Guangtian Electric Power provides one-stop power transmission and distribution solutions for various industries

Winding workshop
Iron core production workshop
Dry change production workshop
Pre-assembled substation workshop
Vapor phase drying
Variable Pressure Drying
Casting tank
Laser equipment
Iron core cross cutting line
Iron core longitudinal shear
Automatic Secondary Underwire Machine

Testing Equipment

Guangtian Electric Power provides one-stop power transmission and distribution solutions for various industries

Lightning Impact Generator
Frequency withstand voltage tester
Fully Shielded Local Discharge Test Chamber
Insulation resistance tester
High and low voltage cabinet test bench
Mobile Withstand Voltage Console
Mobile Withstand Voltage Tester
Oil withstand voltage tester
Gas Chromatograph
Partial Discharge Tester
Multi-channel digital partial discharge analyzer
Transformer Ratio Tester
Power Analyzer

Production Equipment

The company has built the country's leading fully shielded partial discharge laboratory and professional noise testing laboratory, which meet the requirements of a national engineering laboratory.

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Honorary Certificate

The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang Province specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises, Zhejiang Province brand name, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

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