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Product Introduction

Project name: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 110kV substation retrofitting magnetron reactor
Product Model:BKSMC-8000/10.5
Quantity: 2 sets
Project background and program:
The National Convention and Exhibition Project has a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, with 400,000 square meters of indoor exhibition halls and 100,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition venues, supported by 150,000 square meters of commercial centers, 180,000 square meters of office facilities and 60,000 square meters of five-star hotels. It is set to be the world's largest, most advanced and most competitive convention and exhibition complex.
As the commercial, office and hotel facilities of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) have not yet been put into full operation, and two 63,000kVA large-capacity transformers have been selected, the power consumption load is in the low range of 10-20%, and there is a large amount of capacitive reactive power in the lines, and the power factor is in an unreasonable range for a long period of time, which leads to a high unit price of electricity consumption. In addition, due to the existence of exhibition off-peak seasons, daytime and nighttime electricity load uneven objective situation, the same will lead to electricity consumption in the valley of the higher unit price problem.
According to the list of electricity bills provided by users, the monthly fines for users due to low power factor range from tens of thousands to millions, with the highest monthly fines being around 1.35 million. In this project, 1 set of magnetron reactor with a capacity of 8000kvar is added to the 10kV bus of 1# and 2# main transformers respectively, and the equipment can sample the voltage and current signals of the incoming lines of the system. According to the actual reactive power demand of the system for tracking compensation, tracking system power quality changes, and according to the actual load changes automatically adjust the output reactive power, following the load dynamic changes in the output, to achieve high power factor operation under any operating conditions, reduce line reactive power loss, stabilize the voltage, so as to improve the comprehensive energy-saving benefit of the user, to ensure that the power factor of 0.95 or more.

Operation effect: the equipment quickly follow the changes in the load to ensure that the real-time power factor is greater than 0.99, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency, the monthly user electricity bill is not only no penalties, and monthly incentives ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 yuan. By putting in the magnetron reactor to reduce the loss of the line and the main transformer for the user to save about 300,000 yuan of electricity every month (excluding the savings of fines).


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