Happy News



Happy News

Warmly congratulate the project manager of Zhejiang office on winning the bid again in the 17th batch of centralized procurement projects of Taizhou hongchuang power group co., ltd. in 2023, with a bid amount of over 1000 million yuan. this is the second time that our company has won the bid as the first winning bidder in Taizhou power main network bidding this year, and has once again consolidated our company's dominant position in the territorial market. Our company has left a deep and good cognition and impression to customers with good product quality and perfect and timely service, which is also the key to winning the bid again. In the later period, our company will continue to improve and improve the service guarantee mechanism of the territorial market, further enhance and consolidate the territorial market share, and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term sustainable and healthy development.

At this time, when the company's third-quarter targets are sprinting, it is hoped that all the advanced sales personnel will learn, change their thinking, raise their awareness, seize orders, and pay back money. They will work quickly around the sales targets for the rest of 2023, implement the work, and do their best to ensure the smooth and successful completion of various task targets in 2023.

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