Bulk shipment and delivery of large-capacity three-coil dry-type transformers of Guangtian New Energy



At 15: 00 on October 10, with a loud whistle, five heavy trucks slowly drove out of the factory area of Guangtian Co., Ltd., and more than 20 new energy high-capacity 7100KVA three-coil dry-type transformer products developed and produced by Guangtian Co., Ltd. began to be transported and delivered in centralized batches.

At the beginning of the production task, Guangtian shares immediately organized technical experts to comprehensively consider the operating conditions and operational risks of the product, for this large-capacity three-coil product production plan for many times to review, discuss and demonstrate, the production process to arrange technical experts, process experts on-site guidance and implementation.

After more than a month of intense and busy production, the main parameters such as temperature rise, local discharge and resistance balance of the finished products are far from the same industry level, and the product performance is excellent, which has been highly recognized by customers. The mass production and qualified shipment of the three-coil large-capacity dry-type transformer have accumulated new experience for our company in the development and production of new energy large-capacity dry-type transformers, and laid a foundation for the development of larger-capacity new energy dry-type transformer products.

With the national green development concept, the company has changed its development direction to closely follow the national development concept, with the goal of creating value for customers and improving customer satisfaction, promoting the complementarity of new and old energy sources, linking a wider range of energy types and intelligent devices, continuously improving the integration ability and performance ability, promoting the safe, reliable and low-carbon development of the power supply system, and contributing to the realization of the "double carbon" goal of the country.


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