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In the bidding for a new energy project of a domestic customer, our company successfully won the bid for more than 70 Huaban all-in-one machines with a bid amount of more than 1700 million yuan by virtue of good product quality, solid work style and good corporate reputation. this is the largest number of single projects that our company has obtained in the bidding of box-type substations. Here we would like to extend our warm congratulations to the manager, business team and technical team who have worked hard to win the bid for the project, and call on all sales staff to learn from the advanced.

In this bidding process, many participating manufacturers are strong and the competition is fierce. After many rounds of communication, negotiation and comprehensive comparison, our company stands out from many bidding manufacturers, defeating other competitors, and winning the first place by virtue of product cost performance., Once again showing the comprehensive strength of our company's products, technology and services.

The successful winning of the bid for this batch of projects is another major breakthrough for our company in the transformation of market structure and the optimization of contract structure. At the same time, it also sets an example and example for our company to re-develop the new energy market in 2024. It also reserves performance for the promotion and implementation of other domestic new energy projects in the later period.

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January 22, 2004


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